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Laundry Changes to Boost Energy Efficiency

Beginning this summer, laundry facilities in student residences will be updated to reflect the Colleges’ commitment to responsible and sustainable energy use, with changes to be fully implemented by the fall 2016 semester.

“Every year when we solicit students about the things on campus they’d like to change, laundry services are mentioned.  After conducting research, we’ve found a system that works both practically and within the sustainability goals of the HWS community,” says Brandon Barile, assistant dean of students and director of residential education.

As part of the Sustainable Living and Learning Community (SLLC) seminar, faculty and students surveyed the current campus laundry system and discovered that the washers use 30 gallons of water per load and the driers often leave clothes damp.

The new proposal, based on the SLLC’s recommendations and guided by the sustainable principles the seminar embodies, will replace the 181 washers and dryers in 43 laundry rooms on campus, including those in theme houses and at the 380 South Main Street apartments; more machines will be added where necessary. The new washers use only 15 gallons of water per load, and the Colleges are seeking ways to offset the carbon emissions produced by the machines.

The machines will coordinate with an app that allows students to view and reserve available machines, track the duration of the wash and dry cycles, and receive an alert when the laundry is done.

The new proposal eliminates coin-operated machines in favor of a card-access system, giving students the option to use their One Card to operate machines. The price, $1.50 for each machine, will remain fixed for the next 10 years.

Contact the Office of Residential Education at, or call ext. 3880, with any questions.