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Lambos ’18 Talks Pokémon on ABC News

During his internship with ABC News Channel 9’s morning talk show “Bridge Street” in Syracuse, N.Y., Peter Lambos ’18 works with the show’s guests, pitches ideas for segments, handles social media posts and assists in production, editing and online distribution.

He also found himself in front of the camera this week.

“Recently, the app, Pokémon GO, has gone extremely viral and has become a global craze,” says Lambos. “This was one of the subjects of the beginning of the show and I had experience playing the game over this past weekend and was asked by one of the co-anchors if I would like to help talk about it on air and I couldn’t resist the chance.”

A double major in media and society, and writing and rhetoric with a minor in classics, Lambos explains that his “experiences at HWS helped in not only receiving the internship, but thriving in the experience.”

As he prepares to study abroad in Auckland, New Zealand in the fall, he notes that with the support of HWS professors, fellow peers, and close friends, he has been able “to strive to always be better. I believe a large part of one’s happiness and success in life comes from the people they surround themselves with, and I could not have a better support system than HWS.”

Lambos is a member of the ultimate Frisbee team, club squash, and intramural volleyball and soccer teams. He also works at the Bristol Field House.