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Gearan Discusses VP Selection with Vanity Fair

In a Vanity Fair article this week, President Mark D. Gearan discusses the selection process that named Al Gore the running mate of then-Governor Bill Clinton and the political and interpersonal dynamics that choice established for the 1992 campaign.

Through the lens of the 2016 election, “Clinton to Kaine: You Complete Me” looks at the impact vice presidential nominees have had in the past several presidential elections and over the course of those presidencies.

Recalling his time as a Clinton campaign senior aide who helped run the process that selected Gore, Gearan told Vanity Fair that “from their first meeting, which lasted twice as long as the other meetings Governor Clinton had with considered candidates, I was struck with their intellectual engagement and compatibility. As the process evolved, [Clinton] seemed increasingly intrigued with the notion of doubling down on age, region, and change [by choosing Gore].”

During the Clinton administration, Gearan served in the White House as Assistant to the President and Director of Communications, as well as Deputy Chief of Staff. President Clinton later appointed him Director of the Peace Corps.

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