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Student/Faculty Research Collaborations Get National Attention

In January, an article titled “Absolute Kinetic Rate Constants and Activation Energies for the Formation of Grignard Reagents” by Bridget J. Beals (class of 1997), Zainab I. Bello (2000), Kathleen P. Cuddihy (1999), Ethan M. Healy (1999), Stephanie E. Koon-Church (1994), Jane M. Owens (1996), Cynthia E. Teerlinck (1993), and Walter Bowyer, professor of chemistry, was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry. In March, Bowyer presented a seminar with the same title and coauthors to the chemistry department at the University of Virginia.

In March, Bowyer presented “Chemical Analysis of Tree Rings to Detect Volcanic Eruptions” at the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry. Coauthors were Sarah C. Jones (2001) and Emily A. Oakes (2001). In April, Bowyer will present “Tree Rings, Chemistry, Archaeology, and Climate” as the keynote speaker at the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Coauthors are Jones, Oakes, and Lynne M. Gilbert (1998).