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Amnesty International Internship

During a summer internship at Amnesty International, Kelly Mauch ’17 helped take action against some of today’s pressing injustices, ranging from the humanitarian crisis in Syria to inequities in the U.S. justice system.

Mauch, who has crafted an individual major – “Public Health: Communities, Policy and Cultural Contexts,” and is double-minoring in political science and environmental studies, says that her studies at HWS “have taught me the value of thinking critically and challenging the status quo. This mindset prepared me for the meaningful work that Amnesty seeks to accomplish- defying the norm to seek justice and advocate for rights that aren’t being granted.”

“Amnesty International mobilizes millions of supporters around the world to campaign for change and to stand in defense of activists on the frontline, ” she explains. “I wanted to be an ally in fighting against the brutality, unfairness, and racial bias that continues to permeate society.”

As an intern in the canvassing division of the Development Department, Mauch managed and mobilized a team of 80 internal canvassers to petition citizen support and funding for Syrian refugees and victims of police brutality. She says other highlights included participating in the hiring of interns, assisting in their training, developing an intern job description and an intern-training manual.

She says the experience provided her with perspective into how crucial an administration is to the success of a department. Moreover, it provided her with the opportunity to learn about the different structures of management in public outreach and non-profit fundraising, she says.

On campus, Mauch is a member of the Geneva 2020 theme house and an admissions tour guide. Previously, she has held positions as an eco-representative, co-president of the Sustainable Foods Club, house manager of the Local Organic Food Today theme house, mentor for the Sustainable Living and Learning First-Year Seminar, and leader of the Real Food Challenge. After HWS, Mauch hopes to pursue a career that contributes to social action.