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Saravia ’16 Earns Prestigious Sloan Scholarship

Upon her recent acceptance to the University of Iowa’s Ph.D. program in microbiology, Fatima Saravia ’16 was named a recipient of a competitive scholarship from the UI/ Sloan University Center of Exemplary Mentoring.

A partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Sloan Center at Iowa is one of five such resources nationally and is dedicated to building a university-wide network of faculty committed to minority outreach and education. 

During her application and interview process, Saravia met with her future professors and mentors and saw “that I would be entering a close-knit department full of faculty and peers [who are] eager to help me develop as a researcher,” she says. “Not only did the department make me feel welcomed and comfortable, but the trip allowed me to confirm that I could see myself living in Iowa City, which was another crucial component when I was considering graduate schools.”

As a first-year student at HWS, Saravia took “both a biology intro course and an advanced chemistry course, and I knew that I wanted to continue exploring both fields.”

After declaring a biochemistry major at HWS, Saravia worked as an undergraduate summer researcher at Cornell’s New York State Agricultural Experimental Station and as a summer research student alongside Associate Professor of Biology Patricia Mowery.

“At HWS I was able to make connections with the faculty within the biology and chemistry departments who guided me through my four years,” she says. “Through these research experiences I was able to confirm my passion for research.”

The photo above features Fatima Saravia ’16 working in the lab at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.