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Peace and Social Justice in Indonesia

The members of the HWS One-on-One Friendship Club are currently preparing an event, “Youth Dialogue: Indonesia and the United States,” to feature the service trip to Indonesia of Associate Professor of Religious Studies Etin Anwar and Colleen Moore ’16. Their work with the Global Aliya Indonesia Foundation (GAIF) will be presented on Oct. 27 at 5:30 p.m. The location is forthcoming.

Founded by Anwar, the GAIF is a nonprofit that brings educational and cultural opportunities to an area of Indonesia without access to an English collection-based public library. The organization launched the One-on-One Friendship Program that relies on a video calling platform to connect young Indonesians to youth in other cultures to promote peace, non-violence and social justice.

During her summer fellowship through the foundation, Moore taught English at three schools in the city of Bandung, participated in a panel on youth dialogues and helped develop the Friendship program, the foundation’s newest initiative.

Moore began volunteering through the HWS One-on-One Friendship Club in 2015, holding Skype sessions in English reading and writing skills. After undergoing English Language Learner training with Anwar and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Shalahudin Kafrawi, the co-director of the foundation, Moore began mentoring Indonesian students, from kindergarten through high school, as part of the series, “10 hours, 10 topics, 10 skills.”

During the months she spent in Indonesia, Moore participated in a panel on youth dialogues at the Asia Africa Conference Museum — the site of the historic Bandung Conference, where Asian and Africa states met in 1955 to discuss future collaboration.

“It was such a privilege to talk about peace and youth dialogues in a place where one of the most pivotal events of the 20th century took place,” says Moore, who also discussed the research she conducted for her Honors project regarding the impact of music on social justice movements. 

After living and teaching abroad, Moore has returned to the States having “learned so much about the diverse history and cultures of Indonesia.” She especially appreciated? the experience of navigating between Bandung and Sundanese cultures, and celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day with her students and the GAIF, which organized games and competitions amid the city’s parades and gatherings. This fall, she began coursework at American University’s School of International Service where she is pursuing a master’s in international relations with a concentration in international negotiation and conflict resolution.

With the shared goals “promoting peace and social justice in the world,” Moore says, she and Anwar developed the StartSomeGood project, which is raising funds for a new school in Bandung. More details on this GAIF project and future projects can be found here.

Moore graduated summa cum laude in international relations and political science and earned Honors in music.