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Geneva Restaurants Make the News

Downtown Geneva’s “Red Dove Tavern” and other local restaurants and bars were recently featured in an article and pair of videos on the website of the Democrat & Chronicle.

Written by Tracy Schuhmacher, the article is part of a series called “RocFlavors” where the Rochester, NY-based Democrat & Chronicle explores local food and drink culture. The article, titled “Geneva emerging as food and drink destination,” focuses on Red Dove Tavern but also features Kindred Fare, Microclimate Wine Bar, and FLX Table.

The accompanying video clip for the article, filmed by Schuhmacher and Shawn Dowd, showcases an interview with Red Dove Tavern owner Rune Hilt and his innovative concept of having wines “on draft.” There is also a short video featuring the owners of local restaurants and bars explaining why they decided to start their businesses in Geneva.

And one of those reasons is the local influence of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. “The colleges being here has really given us a wealth of fascinating people in a tiny town of 13,000,” said James-Emery Elkin (owner of Microclimate Wine Bar). HWS students also remain a loyal customer base. Red Dove Tavern noted that the majority of their business during the winter months comes from the HWS community, and that they likely could not survive without HWS support, a sentiment shared by all four businesses interviewed for the piece.

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