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Gross addresses ‘Six Feet Under’

Robert F. Gross, HWS director of theatre, is the author of a recent essay on the HBO television series “Six Feet Under.”

His essay, titled “Meet the Chenowiths: The Therapeutic Drama of 'Six Feet Under,'” examines how the series reflects ambivalences toward psychotherapy in contemporary America.

Gross's essay appears in the volume, “Considering Alan Ball: Essays on Sexuality, Death and America in the Television and Film Writings,” edited by Thomas Fahy and published by McFarland Publishing. Ball is the Academy Award-winning screenwriter who wrote the movie “American Beauty” and created “Six Feet Under.”

Fahy, who also edited “Considering Aaron Sorkin: Essays on the Politics, Poetics and Sleight of Hand in the Films and Television Series” (2005) is an assistant professor of English and director of American Studies at Long Island University.

Gross, who joined the faculty in 1987, holds a bachelor's degree in
communications arts-theatre from the University of Wisconsin, a master's in theatre from Ohio State University and his doctorate in comparative literature-theatre from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.