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Students meet Mike Myers

Genoa Boswell '09 of Chester, S.C., who works at WEOS-FM and hosts a radio program there, is working this summer as an intern at a film production company in New York City.

Recently she and Dale Watkins '09 of Preston, Conn., who was visiting, encountered actor-comedian Mike Myers.

Boswell reports, “I'm doing great and having an amazing time, the guys here are amazing (and both owners are Hobart alums – one's a WEOS alum) I'm working with Jason Cleary '06 as well.

“I'm currently helping edit a DVD of an Erasure concert filmed in May, communicating with record labels and management companies about potential projects” and recently went on a shoot for a young up-and-coming artist.

“I am also helping to promote another couple of artists that the company works with – one of them went to the famous Rock School and was in the movie 'School of Rock.' Basically, I've been kept very busy.”