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Millington published in Bolivian daily

Thomas Millington, professor emeritus of political science, was recently published in a leading Bolivian daily newspaper: El Diario. Addressing the contentious topic of Bolivia’s territorial claims, Millington explored the political and economic issues raised by the landlocked nation’s hopes of returning to the sea.

As a result of the War of the Pacific, which ended in 1884, Chile annexed two Peruvian provinces and all of Bolivia’s coastal holdings. Peru later regained some of its losses through negotiations, but Bolivia has remained landlocked. The issue remains an important one with Bolivians to this day. Millington believes that a diplomatic solution may be possible, but would be a long time in coming. It is significant that the article was even published in the Bolivian press, due to the sensitive nature of the issue, he said.

Millington has enjoyed a long and successful career as an expert in international politics and international case law, especially with regard to South America. He has served as a consultant to the Central Bank of Bolivia, the Bolivian Ministry of Finance, and most recently, a lecturer in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Retired from teaching at the Colleges in 1997, Millington is the author of “Debt Politics After Independence: The Funding Conflict in Bolivia,” and “Colombia's Military and Brazil's Monarchy: Undermining the Republican Foundations of South American Independence.” He earned his BA from Williams College and his doctorate from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Read Professor Millington's article in Spanish, or in English translation.