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Fisher Center speaker’s TV show to bow

“Little Mosque on the Prairie,” a project of Zarqa Nawaz, who was a Fisher Center speaker in February 2004, will soon be broadcast on Canadian television.

The sitcom — “an unabashedly comedic look at a small Muslim community interacting with the denizens of a little prairie town” — is getting a lot of attention in U.S. and Canadian news outlets.

Her HWS talk, “Putting the Fun Back into Fundamentalism,” admitted that while terrorism isn't funny, stereotyping Muslims as radicals is no laughing matter, either, and tried to confront stereotypes associated with Muslims through humor. Her short films, “BBQ Muslims” and “Death Threat,” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1996 and 1998, respectively.

Nawaz has worked as a freelance writer/broadcaster with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio, and as associate producer on a number of CBC programs, including “Morningside” and “The National.” Her radio documentary, “The Changing Rituals of Death,” won the Chairman's Award in Radio Production in 1992.

Details on the series are available at Little Mosque.

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