Five members of HWS faculty receive grants from Office of the Provost – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Five members of HWS faculty receive grants from Office of the Provost

Five members of the HWS faculty recently received grants from the Office of the Provost for projects sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

� Professor Donna Davenport of the Dance Department: “BrainDance: Implications for College Teaching”

“This proposal has both pragmatic and visionary elements: it permits my Teaching Methods and Practicum course (DAN 432) to attend a dance education conference at NYU/Steinhardt sponsored by the NYS Dance Education Association, and, through a BrainDance movement workshop, it proposes to HWS faculty a solution to pervasive apathy in college introductory courses.”

� Professor Christine deDenus of the Chemistry Department: “Connecting First-year and Upper-level Students Through Collaborative Teaching and Learning: A Model for Using Innovative Methods to Teach Teamwork, English, Media and Society, and Forensic Science”

“This project enhances multi-disciplinary teaching by developing a method for students from separate disciplines to interact while creating a mock crime scene, collecting data from the scene, and using forensic methods to solve the crime. The project culminates in a student-made re-enactment movie.”

� Professor Grant Holly of the English Department: “Interactive and Collaborative Screenwriting”

“Interaction, inspiration�by using Final Draft, the professional standard screenwriting software, on a Sassafras Key Server, students will establish a more creative, more productive writing community.”

� Professor Alison Redick of the Women's Studies Department: “Encountering Medical Archives”

“This research trip for students in Methods in Medical Historiography will expands students� archival research experience, and take them to the archives and rare book collections of the National Academy of Sciences and the Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Washington, D.C. They will also visit the University of Maryland graduate program in Archival Library Science, where students learn archive management.”

� Professor Donald Spector of the Physics Department: “A Collection of Videos of Problem Solutions for Introductory Physics”

“To offer students in introductory physics a wider range of learning opportunities in physics, he will develop a set of video recordings showing the solution of problems unfolding in time and commentary on the process. This dynamic format will provide a more natural means of revealing the thinking processes necessary when applying the ideas of physics, and provide a valuable supplement to existing written solutions.”