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Dunn’s new book examines fighters in Africa

Kevin C. Dunn of the political science faculty is co-editor of a new book, African Guerrillas: Raging Against the Machine, which offers new models for understanding the movements at the center of many of Africa’s violent conflicts.

He and co-editor Morten Bøås, a researcher at Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies in Oslo, Norway, build on — and in some cases debate — insights provided in Christopher Clapham’s groundbreaking work. They find a new generation of fighters, one that reflects rage against the machinery of a dysfunctional state.

Dunn is an expert on politics and development in Africa, theories of international relations and United States foreign policy. His research in African politics concerns the security and development of the Great Lakes region of Africa comprised of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

Dunn’s previous works include Imagining the Congo: The International Relations of Identity. He is co-editor of Identity and Global Politics: Theoretical and Empirical Elaborations and Africa's Challenge to International Relations Theory.

A member of the HWS faculty since 2001, Dunn holds a bachelor’s from Davidson College, his master’s from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia; and his Ph.D. from Boston University. He is also a visiting professor for the Faculty of Development Studies at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Mbarara, Uganda.

Copies of African Guerrillas: Raging Against the Machine are now available at The College Store.