CTL announces faculty grant recipients – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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CTL announces faculty grant recipients

Five faculty members have received Teaching and Learning Grant Awards for the Fall 2007 semester, with the support of the Provost's Office.

•Etin Anwar of the Religious Studies Department – “Community Survey and Empowerment: Expanding the Experiential Learning of Islam.”

Her project seeks to empower students and the local community with the experiential learning of Islam. After the students complete a survey in the local community, they and some faculty members will prepare a report with activities to benefit the students, the Colleges community and the greater local area.

• Cerri Banks of the Education Department – “Social Justice Activism.”

Each spring, she teaches a course, Social Foundations of Multiculturalism, which looks at historical and contemporary debates about multiculturalism and explores how the ideas are played out in the United States' education systems and daily experiences. As students discuss and explore social dominance, privilege, identity, the intersections of race, class and gender and the effects of these on individuals and our collective society, they frequently ask, “What can we DO on our campus to bring more awareness to these issues and their impact?” Banks proposes to convene a group of students who have taken the course to organize a two-day conference to talk about “what to DO.”

• Paula Cole of the Economics Department, “Child care at HWS.”

Her research interests and observations about child care at HWS inspired her to bring this discussion into the classroom. In the spring semester 2006 in her Economics and Gender course, students researched this country's child care system and explored child care at HWS. Students gathered information about the history of child care at these Colleges, surveyed faculty and staff about child care and investigated the feasibility of having on-site child care. This fall, she will again teach the course and extend this project by increasing the HWS community dialogue on child care.

• Mary Salibrici of the Writing and Rhetoric Department – “Professional Workplace Handbooks.”

She sought help to produce Professional Workplace Handbooks for individual academic departments by students in WRRH 352, Writing in the Professional Workplace. Students will investigate the potential writing responsibilities and common form requirements for particular worksites, depending on their major or field of interest. The completed handbooks will contain writing samples and strategies for professional domains.

• Cynthia Williams of the Dance Department – “Adding Contact Improvisation to a First Year Seminar.”

In Williams' first year seminar, Fields of Play: Improvisation in Life and Art, she would like to explore the ways in which Contact Improvisation could be a teaching and learning tool, to help achieve specific goals that are part of her “constantly evolving teaching philosophy.” Contact Improvisation, a form of improvisation and movement exploration, emphasizes non-hierarchical participation, personal responsibility within social dynamics, and an attitude about interaction that promotes dialogue across different perspectives.