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Holland Prize winner announced

This year's winner of the Holland Prize competition was Harris Goldman '08 who presented “The Hydrogen Atom Unveiled: The Dawn of Quantum Physics,” in which he showed the audience a crucial step in how the structure of atoms was determined.

Other contestants were Bailey Meeker '09, “Oscillations of LC Circuits;” Jacob Podkaminer '08, “How to Feed a Monkey a Banana;” Tracy Stankavage '08, “How to Catch a Polliwog;” and Christopher Woytovich '08, with “Gravitational Assist.”

Judging the competition, founded 10 years ago by Professor Allan Russell of the Physics Department, were faculty members Pasad Kulatunga, Laurence Erussard and Michael Tinkler; Steve Penn served as this year's master of ceremonies.

Professor Don Spector, who organized the contest on behalf of the Physics Department, said “this year stood out for having some of the most creative and intriguing titles ever.”