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Outstanding Tutors and Corps Members recognized

Outstanding Tutors and Corps Members recognized!
Outstanding America Reads tutors for the Spring 2007 semester: Kayla Shoemaker
WS '10
Katherine Schuster WS '09
Kelsey Lagana
WS '10
Kate Dorward
WS '07
Alyssa Dechow
WS '09
and Darcy Lepore
WS '10 were recognized at the 6th annual Book Bash for their exceptional work with children. One tutor from year of six sites (St. Stephen's
Lafayette Elementary
North Street
West Street
Romulus Central School
and Border City Multi-Age) are selected each semester. Graduating Senior Kate Dorward was selected as “Tutor of the Year
” for dedicating 4 semesters to America Reads. Outstanding America Counts tutors for Spring 2007 include Casey Franklin
WS '10
Emily Gasperetti
WS '10
Emma Daley
and James Secor
H '10. Tutors work with junior high students at Geneva Middle School in Mr. Peter Holm's math class. Outstanding Jumpstart Geneva Corps Members for the semester include Ken Camara
H '08
Leslie Hopke
WS '10
Elizabeth Fife
WS '10
and Katelyn Carlock
WS '09. Corps members work 10 hours per week over 2 semesters with pre-schoolers at Geneva Head Start and Geneva Agri-Business Child Development. One Corps Member from each site was selected for the honor of “Corps Member of the Year
” Kaitlyn Carlock and Ken Camara were chosen for the honor. All recipients received a copy of “The Little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper