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Drennen discusses gas prices on the air

Associate professor of economics and environmental studies Thomas Drennen appeared on WXXI Radio’s “1370 Connection” on Monday, June 4. Drennen, an internationally recognized expert on the economics of alternative energy, discussed topics related to rising gas prices with host Bob Smith.

Drennen is the author of more than 20 publications produced in collaboration with various colleagues including “Who Will Fuel China?,” “The Kyoto Protocol and International Trade: the Carbon Loophole,” “Solar Power and Climate Change Policy in Developing Countries,” and “Agricultural Dimensions of Global Climate Change.”

As part of his work with the Department of Energy and Sandia National Laboratories, Drennen has been called to Washington, D.C., to discuss domestic energy policy and the United States' role in the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

A member of the faculty since 1995, he holds a bachelor of science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a master’s from the University of Minnesota and a doctorate from Cornell University.