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Donna Wick ’79 and Wendy Ettinger ’78 in New York Times

Donna Wick '79 and Wendy Ettinger '78, former college roommates who each have three children, are the co-producers of a documentary called “Bringing Up Baby,” which follows six New York professional women through the late stages of pregnancy, birth and two years of child-rearing, laying bare their frustrations and self-doubt. One of the subjects wonders why “just being a mother isn't more fulfilling” and another feels guilty for craving time alone. Wick expects their film to be shown on the Oxygen network next year.

Both women were in the May 12 New York Times article titled “Admitting to Mixed Feelings About Motherhood.” The article gave several examples of books, movies, and women bringing to light another version of motherhood—about the drudgery of child care, the isolation of the playground and the mother's loss of identity.