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Alumnus Talbot’s new book in stock

Copies of “Free Will and the Divine Nature of Humans,” by John S. Talbot ’51, are now available at The College Store.

A reviewer has likened Talbot's book to “The DaVinci Code,” except that it deals more with an individual's place in the universe, and proposes that we really share in the God-like nature of Jesus Christ himself.

Talbot's conclusion is based on a “careful analysis of modern discoveries in science, philosophy, biblical exegesis, and the near-death experiences of thousands of people.”

And if we have free will, he claims we can't be just our physical bodies and totally subject to the natural laws of this material world but must be transcendent beings, destined to become more than what we are.

Talbot, a physics major while at HWS, was a member of the concert and marching bands and Little Theater. He and his wife, the former Dorothy Warren '49, live in Sarasota, Fla.