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One of the most widely traveled graduates – at least in terms of countries visited without boarding an airplane – has to be Christian Amorello, a member of the Hobart Class of 2000.

Since graduating, Amorello has trekked through almost 20 different countries in South America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. He spent three years traveling “without an airplane from Chicago to Tokyo, with a list of employers and occupations that includes high school teacher in Cairo, Egypt, street-sweeper operator, McDonald’s drive-through attendant, American Express real estate assistant and chef on a private mega yacht.

One of his best stories starts with the trip from Cairo to the Sinai Peninsula, where he caught a ferry across the Gulf of Aqaba to Jordan, explored the desert in Wadi Rum (where this photo was made) trying to trace the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, and hustled over the border to Syria, where he spent more than two months buying and selling pashmina scarves, toured Tripoli and Bylbos, and explored the Turkish capital of Ankara, while waiting seven weeks to be allowed to enter Iran.

While a student, Amorello spent two terms abroad: one in Copenhagen, Denmark; and one in Paris.

Are there any alums with better country-hopping records?