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Amazon land issues explored by Arima

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Eugenio Arima is a co-author of a recent article, “The Amazon Land War in the South of Pará,” which appeared in the September 2007 edition (Vol. 97, Issue 3) of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

The article details how this area, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, has become notorious for violent land struggle and how this particular area came to be known as Brazil’s most dangerous badland.

Arima, who joined the faculty in 2006, holds a bachelor's degree from Brazil's University of Brasilia, a master's from Penn State and his doctorate from Michigan State University.

His co-authors were Stephen P. Aldrich, Cynthia S. Simmons and Robert T. Walker, all of the Department of Geography at Michigan State University; and Marcellus M. Caldasz of the Department of Geography at Kansas State University.

The Association of American Geographers is based in Washington, D.C.; the Annals is published by Blackwell Publishing of Malden, Mass., and Oxford, U.K.