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Colleges are Site of Treasure Hunt

On April 6 the Colleges were the site of a CUTLASS Treasure Hunt, an extreme tech wireless game making its rounds on college campuses. In the two hour hunt, players scour their schools for hidden treasure by using cell phones, wireless PDAs, the Internet, and fancy footwork, for a cash reward.

More than 40 students participated in the hunt, which took them through the library, gym, and other campus buildings in search of clues. The winners were John Duda '04,Will Hickman '05, Ross Offinger '05, and Jonathan Shapiro '05. They competed against Sybil Akins '03, Lindsay Bellinger '04, Maranda Bliss '03, Mia Bott '03, Nicole Budniewski '04, Vassandra Byone '05, Tina Carrasquillo '04, Johanna Castro '02, Christina De Leon '05, Alisa Gehm '04, Carmen Genao '04, Anne Hoskins '04, Kristen Hoskins '04, Justin Irwin '05, Tiara Kelly '05, Kathleen Kennedy '05, Courtney Lovell '04, Tarrie Matthew '05, Bret Mitchell '05, Syrena Patterson '05, Monique Peeler '05, Amber Peterson-Harding '05, Chassidy Pierce '03, Rebecca Scully '04, Ishmael Ubiles '03, Melissa Visco '02, and Stephanie Wettstein '05, among others.

For the treasure hunt, all questions are delivered to players via Internet-ready cell phones or other wireless devices (or they can read them via a PC, or get their clues in audio format over a standard or wireless phone line). Players input their answers to those clues from the field through their Web-enabled wireless devices, with the help of their allies at home on computer, or in a local Internet cafe, to send their answers in over the Web. After correctly answering the preliminary number of clues, the winning team finds the treasure chest hidden in its secret location.

The CUTLASS treasure hunt was launched January 1, 2001, at Times Square, and finished in two and a half hours. Other treasure hunts have been held at George Mason University, Fairfax, Va., SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y., Miami University, Middletown, Ohio, and the CTIA Convention, Las Vegas, Nev. CUTLASS was founded in August 2000 to focus on linking the virtual and real world through a variety of interactive multimedia channels.