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An Artistic Remembrance of the Civil War

Alumnus Pietro del Fabro ’67 designs memorial in Waterloo

When artist and sculptor Pietro del Fabro ’67 heard that there was no Civil War monument in Waterloo, the birthplace of Memorial Day, he knew that something needed to be done. “I started working with the town of Waterloo to get plans underway for the American Civil War Memorial, del Fabro said. Currently, the Memorial is being built in Lock Park along the Cayuga-Seneca Canal in Waterloo.

Walking around the site, del Fabro said, “Look at these beautiful, old trees in the park. Now, imagine cenotaphs, or stone markers, for each man from Waterloo who died in the war, another cenotaph to honor the women of the Civil War and a North-South cenotaph recognizing all lives lost in the war. Part of del Fabro’s design is to construct the North-South memorial out of stones sent from the 36 states that existed during the Civil War. “Each of the stones tells its own story, which then come together and express the greater story of the war.

As he helped community members etch small stars into a particular marble cenotaph, del Fabro explained that, “The central feature of the memorial is this star stone that will be enclosed by cedar trees and a stone portal when the project is complete. Currently, the stone portal stands with the prominence and austerity of a mausoleum. Visitors enter through two purposefully uneven stone pillars which represent, along with the stone wall, the changed state of the post-war United States.

“What is so special about the star stone inside is that members of the Waterloo community were invited to etch stars into the cenotaph. In total, there will be 620 stars, each representing 1,000 fallen soldiers in the Civil War. Upon completion, the stars will be gilt with 22 karat gold. Also, an upright stone will stand on the western tip of the island to mark the site for those traveling by water.

Del Fabro, a history major during his days at the Colleges, said, “I initially became interested in U.S. history and the Civil War during a U.S. history course with Professor Crouthamel, referring to Professor Emeritus of History James Crouthamel, who retired in 1996 and passed away in 2003.

The American Civil War Memorial is expected to be finished by Sept. 2008. For more information on the Memorial, visit here.