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Column on Reunion in Philadelphia Inquirer

Alan J. Heavens ’72, a columnist with the Philadelphia Inquirer, wrote June 2 about why he wasn't going to attend Reunion. In his article titled “Turnabout on repairs: A hammer and Latin,” he wrote “I was thinking about driving to upstate New York for the weekend for alumni festivities, but I'm so intent on getting the new house fully functional that I'm just going to fill my Hobart College beer mug full of ice water and toast the day, right before I fall over from exhaustion.” His article describes home repair in light of his college honors project—the effects of the defeat of Quintilius Varus in A.D. 9 on Rome's efforts to colonize Germany over the next two centuries. “Latin has always been a pretty good substitute for Anglo-Saxon expletives,” he wrote. “Hit your hand with a hammer, and instead of the stuff that makes your neighbors cross themselves, you scream Quintili Vare, legiones redde! (Q. Varus, give me back my legions!)—the words of Augustus when he heard the news of the loss.”