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Sharing his passion

Sam Koval ’09 came to HWS in the summer of 2005 intending to major in biology. After taking a course with Professor of Philosophy Steven Lee, Koval knew biology was no longer for him, and declared philosophy as his major at the end of that first year.

Koval is now a teaching fellow in the philosophy department. Teaching fellows are nominated by faculty in their departments, interviewed and trained before the semester begins.

At the end of the fall semester, Koval saw many students in need of academic philosophical guidance. They typically came to office hours with questions about readings, essay assignments, paper organization techniques, and other things.

As a student, Koval found he was able to talk about material in a different way with different approaches, and this, as he says, allowed him to learn as he taught. Koval, with a passion for yoga and Eastern philosophy, is able to explain or highlight material in students’ readings using these Eastern disciplines as contrasting or complementary devices.

In addition to his teaching fellow responsibilities, and congruent with his career goal of being a teacher, Koval has taught sailing during the summer and teaches yoga classes at Bristol Field House on Tuesday and Sunday evenings.

“If I can share what I love with other people,” Koval says, “that’s the perfect job.”

The photo above was taken of Koval leading a yoga class in the Bristol Field House earlier this academic year.