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Carr’s book published

By Will Carr

(Mr. Carr established the Dove Award in 1980 in honor of Arthur Dove, well-known painter, native of Geneva, and alumnus of Hobart College, he recently established the Walt Whitman Weekend Seminar Fund and is also a member of The Wheeler Society). Mr. Carr’s sister and brother-in- law also graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 1952.

A 1950's personal travelogue and journey around the Mediterranean by a then young
Jewish boy who came out as gay during the trip that engaged the heart and mind.
Illustrated with many photographs.

A Quote about the book:

Will Carr's automobile journey, Crossing Borders, around the Mediterranean Sea in 1953
bristles with relevance over fifty years later. Historically, we witness the same smoldering tensions over Palestine that divides Arabs and Jews today. On the personal level, it's a
coming out saga for someone who not only discovers a world of ambiguous sexuality but also comes to realize that he, too, is not one to limit himself to any specific label.
Nevertheless, the sexual adventures of the naive, twenty-seven year old Will with men of several different nationalities dramatize the conflicts, both inner and outer, of someone
who is trying to discover who he is during the terrors of the McCarthy era.
— James Brogan, Professor of Gay Studies at San Francisco State University