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Neveldine’s film hits theaters

“Pathology, a movie written and produced by Mark Neveldine '95, will be released in select theaters in the U.S. by Lions Gate Entertainment and Lakeshore Entertainment on Friday, April 18. The film opened in the UK on April 11.

Directed by acclaimed commercial and music video director Marc Schoelermann, “Pathology stars Alyssa Milano (Charmed), and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes). Best described as a horror/ medical thriller, the film focuses on a group of medical students doing their pathology residency at the University of Pennsylvania. When Ted Gray (Ventimiglia) learns that some of his fellow students are competing to commit the perfect murder, he finds himself devising a deadly game.

The film review Web site listed some of the standard objects to be seen on the set of “Pathology as “blood, real organs mixed with meat and other products to help fill out a dead body whose chest had been open and subsequently dissected, more blood, and a lot more blood.”

Highlighting the brilliance and relationships of the young doctors more than the base horror of the subject matter, the film is sure to deliver more drama and wit than your average gore flick.

“Psychology is everything in movies, and filmmaking in general,” commented Neveldine. “I remember having many conversations with faculty in the HWS psychology department about life and the puzzle of who we are, and what makes us tick, which helped me build a good foundation for understanding people and groups. It was this that planted the seed for the idea of 'Pathology' when I was a sophomore at HWS.”

Neveldine follows up his writing/directing smash hit debut “Crank” by teaming again with writer Brian Taylor for this thriller, which is sure to frighten and revolt audiences in ways that many horror films don't.

While at HWS, Neveldine, a drama/psychology major originally from Watertown, N.Y., was named to the dean's list and member of the Statesmen football team. After graduating from Hobart, Neveldine moved to L.A., landed roles in several movies and then worked as a camera operator and director of photography. He has been an actor and director of many plays in New York City and was cinematographer for 2002's “This Beautiful Life,” starring Ned Beatty. Neveldine and Taylor were executive producers for “The Great Pretenders” in 2005. Life has been busy and successful for the pair since, with jobs filmed in Hong Kong, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The film opens in and around New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas/Fort Worth and Atlanta, among others. In upstate New York, it can be found at the Regal Hoyt Carousel 19 in Syracuse, and at the Regal Salmon Run Mall 8 in Watertown.

For more information on “Pathology, including the complete list of theaters, visit the Pathology Web site.