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Ryan Quoted in Article about Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

James Ryan, professor of biology, began research several years ago to determine what, if any, amounts of pharmaceuticals could be found in local drinking water supplies. His research turned up possible traces of estrogen in two creeks that feed Seneca Lake.

On Sunday, April 13, he was quoted in a Democrat and Chronicle newspaper article, “Push is on to test water for drugs,” about an increase in concern about the possible presence of compounds from pharmaceutical drugs, personal care products and household cleaners, among others.

The article stated that results of an investigation by The Associated Press spurred public concern when it was reported that “prescription drugs had been found in drinking-water supplies in very low levels at various locations and that some water-system operators had failed to inform consumers.”

“I think the real worry is not that any one glass of water is going to dose you with something that … could be potentially harmful. It’s the chronic exposure to low levels. There’s no data, no knowledge anywhere, of what the chronic effects of very low levels of estrogens are over a lifetime,” Ryan was quoted as saying.

Ryan, who joined the Colleges in 1987, holds a Ph.D in zoology from The University of Massachusetts, a master’s degree in biological sciences from The University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in zoology from The State University of New York at Oswego. He is a past recipient of the Colleges’ Faculty Prize for Scholarship and is the co-author of a college textbook on mammalian biology, “Mammalogy.”

Read the complete article online. Push is on to test water for drugs”