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Druid Induction Includes Gearan

Geneva, NY-Hobart College's Druid Honor Society will have its annual induction ceremony on October 25. Inducted this year will be senior Leo Rhodes and HWS President Mark Gearan.

The Druid society guards Hobart traditions and honors Hobart students who exemplify standards of character, loyalty, and leadership. They also keep the paddle of Agayentah, a Seneca warrior who died on Seneca Lake, which has been passed down each year at Charter Day since 1840.

“In a short span, both Leo Rhodes and President Mark Gearan have greatly enhanced the community in and around HWS,” said Druid Davis Chamberlain '01. “The level of character represented by these two individuals is of the highest standard. The Druids are eagerly awaiting this monumental induction.”

In the spring, graduating seniors select a maximum of seven rising juniors for induction. If all seven openings are not filled, vacancies can be filled at the beginning of the next academic year by the newest Druids. Since 1903, the Colleges president has been inducted after the first year of service.

Druid alumni include Vermont Supreme Court Chief Justice Jeffrey Amestoy '68, and Bishop Bill Persell '65, of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.