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World Population Reference Published

GENEVA, N.Y.—Hobart and William Smith Colleges professor Geoffrey Gilbert has recently had his book World Population: A Reference Handbook published by ABC-CLIO. The handbook, appearing in ABC-CLIO’s award-winning series on contemporary world issues, includes a general introduction to the topic of world population, a chronology of events, legislation, historical milestones, biographies, and reviews of books, videos, and websites related to population. The handbook has been published in both print and e-book formats, and follows two earlier works edited by Gilbert on the English economist and demographer Thomas Malthus.

With extensive graphs, tables, and text, World Population provides resources for understanding the economic, demographic, and environmental issues at stake on a planet moving toward “carrying capacity.” The book includes such information as historical records of population growth from Neolithic times to the present, long-range population projections, and estimates of the carrying capacity of the earth, brief sketches of the most important demographic thinkers of the past and present, from Thomas Malthus to Julian Simon, evaluation of China’s and other nations’ population policies, and a directory of organizations, associations, and government and international agencies concerned with population.

Gilbert, professor of economics, holds a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and a doctoral degree from Johns Hopkins University. He joined the Colleges’ faculty in 1977, and was promoted to full professor in 1987. Gilbert has been chair of the economics department twice. Apart from the works on Malthus that he edited, Gilbert published Baltimore’s Flour Trade to the Caribbean, 1750-1815 in the dissertation series American Business History, as well as numerous articles and chapters on topics ranging from the role of breadstuffs in American trade to geometric population increase. He also has published a wide range of book reviews.

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