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HWS President Mark Gearan On Panel Discussing Bush Transition: One Year Later

Colleges president offers insight from his tenure in Washington

Geneva, NY — Hobart and William Smith President Mark D. Gearan is in Washington, D.C., today speaking on a panel discussing “The Bush Transition and the Presidency: Planning and Implementation” at an event sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute Project (AEI) in conjunction with the Brookings Institution and the Hoover Institution.

Gearan serves on the advisory board of the Presidential Appointee Initiative, a project of the Brookings Institution, and is frequently turned to by the media for comment on the Bush presidency transition. In addition, as part of his work with the Brookings Institution, Gearan helped develop a book titled A Survivor's Guide for Presidential Nominees, which aims to answer virtually every question a nominee might have upon being asked to serve.

Gearan is joined on the panel by C. Boyden Gray, White House counsel under George H.W. Bush; E. Pendleton James, White House personnel director during the Reagan administration; Susan Page from USA Today; and Steven Ricchetti, deputy chief of staff during the Clinton administration. Gearan was a deputy chief of staff under President Clinton and was deputy director of Clinton¡¦s transition team.

The AEI is sponsoring the event, The Bush Presidency: Transition and Transformation, on this, the day before the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision which officially named George W. Bush president. The event also includes a discussion by Karl Rove, White House senior advisor, and a panel discussion on “The Bush Presidency: Before and After September 11.”

With the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision at hand, this is a timely subject and Gearan, with his experience on the Clinton transition team and in the White House, offers an insider¡¦s perspective to this issue. He is available this evening and tomorrow, on the anniversary of the decision, to discuss this topic with print or broadcast journalists who are writing about the transition (with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight) and who would like his discuss his viewpoint at this time.