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HWS Students Present Chemistry Research

Geneva, N.Y.—Thirteen seniors from Hobart and William Smith Colleges presented their chemistry research at the Undergraduate Chemistry Research Symposium held on Thursday, March 29, on the HWS campus. Four students, John Thomas, Rosina Lombardi, Kent Sinclair, and Esther Vivas, also presented their work at the national American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego, Calif., held March 30 through April 2. Rebecca Gooch was selected to present her research at the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Capitol Hill poster session in Washington D.C. on March 30.

Wilton Cheung, of Geneva, N.Y., presented “Analysis of Altered Binding Kinetics of Antibody IgG and Ligand DNSyl in the Presence of Fc Neonatal Receptor FcRn.” Cheung is the son of Hok Yan and Yen Mei Cheung.

Rebecca Gooch, of Hamburg, N.Y., presented “Conformational Analysis of Opioid Receptors.” Gooch is the daughter of Patrick and Julianne Gooch.

Joshua Hoerner, of Andover, Mass., presented “Synthesis and Characterization of Iron and Ruthenium Containing Polymers.” Hoerner is the son of Drs. Thomas and Rebecca Hoerner.

Sarah Jones, of Lyons, N.Y., presented “Dating Volcanoes by Tree Ring Analysis.” Jones is the daughter of Sherman and Donna Jones.

Rosina Lombardi, of Liverpool, N.Y., presented “Molecular Modeling Studies of the Mosher Configurational Model.” Lombardi is the daughter of Dominick and Cheryl Lombardi.

Emily Oakes, of Winchester, Va., presented “Elemental Analysis of the Douglas Fir from Mount St. Helens.” Oakes is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Oakes.

Matthew Pane, of St. James, N.Y., presented “Solubility Studies of Substituted Vinylpyridines.” Pane is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pane.

Melissa Rappleye, of Rochester, N.Y., presented “Conformational Study of HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors Using Molecular Mechanics.” Rappleye is the daughter of Linda Rappleye and the late Paul Rappleye.

Erin Rutherford, of Cincinnati, Ohio, presented “Investigation into the Distance Between Combining Sites and Flexibility of the Fab regions of IgE.” Rutherford is the daughter of Gary Rutherford, Sr., and Susan Leonard.

Kent Sinclair, of Watertown, N.Y., presented “Comparing the Conformational Behavior of a Series of Enantiomeric Cyclic Urea HIV Inhibitors Using the Monte Carlo and Low Mode Conformational Search Methods.” Sinclair is the son of Steven and Ginny Sinclair.

John Thomas of Excelsior, Minn., presented “Reactivity Ratios of Substituted Vinylpyridinium Monomers.” Thomas is the son of John Sr. and Mickie Thomas.

Esther Vivas of Rego Park, N.Y., presented “Structure Prediction of the RBLR delta-9-desaturase.” Vivas is the daughter of Gloria Solarte.

Lauren von Bereghy of Hartland, Wis., presented “Synthesis and Electrochemical Analysis of Organoiron Complexes.” Von Bereghy is the daughter of Robert and Dwyn von Bereghy.

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