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Expert To Discuss Men’s Health

January 20, 1998

Geneva, NY — “Men’s Health in the New Millennium: Confronting the Crisis,” a presentation by Will Courtenay, will take place at 7:30 p.m., Mon., Jan. 26, in Albright Auditorium on the campus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Among his topics, Courtenay will address why men die seven years younger than women and what can be done to change this trend, how manhood increases risk and reduces access to health care, and ways to most effectively reduce men’s preventable risk. He will describe more than 30 attitudes and behaviors that increase men’s risk of death, disease, and injury. The public is invited to attend.

Will Courtenay is a health psychology expert and founder of Men’s Health Consulting, which provides education to health professionals, work sites, and colleges, addressing the behaviors and beliefs that damage men’s health.

Courtenay notes that while most men think that their health is “excellent” and that they’re immune to disease and injury, statistics show that men are more likely than women to die from all 15 leading causes of death. His research has uncovered other startling facts:

Men, age 35-54, are less physically active than women.
Men eat more meat and fat, and fewer fruits and vegetables.
When men do go to physicians, they have more difficulty discussing health concerns than women do.
“Unfortunately, the very attitudes and behaviors that increase men’s health risks are often dismissed with ‘boys will be boys,'” says Courtenay, who is writing a book about men’s health. “American men grow up learning that risk-taking is manly and with feelings that they’re invincible.” Compounding these problems, he notes, health education efforts rarely target men, so men know far less about health matter than women do.

Courtenay's visit is part of HWS Greek Week, a week-long event celebrating the Greek tradition at Hobart College. Other activities planned for Greek Week include community service projects, live entertainment, and sports contests.

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