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William Smith Graduate’s Book on Dreams Guides Readers

HWS Philosophy Professor Tributed for Inspiration

GENEVA, NY – Dream analysis can be a guide in life. That's the topic of Emily VanLaeys' latest publication, Dream Weaving: Using Your Dreams to Create Life's Tapestry. VanLaeys, a 1975 William Smith graduate, is an author and editor whose writing has appeared in numerous publications, including The Chicago Tribune, and Unity, and Venture Inward magazines.

“If we learn to pay attention to our dreams, to understand their personal meaning, and to use them, they can awaken us to and prepare us for the turns in our life's road, turns that are often as unexpected as they are challenging,” VanLaeys says.

VanLaeys says she was first introduced to dream analysis while attending a philosophy class taught by HWS professor Eugen Baer. “I am indebted to Professor Baer, who taught me to pay attention to my dreams in Philosophy 140,” she says.

In the book, VanLaeys uses meaningful examples from her own life to illustrate the profound content dreams contain about where life will take us, and about the spiritual and emotional guidance those dreams can offer. She shows us how to attend to what our dreams tell us, as well as the ways in which our dreams can reflect our present life and foreshadow our future.

VanLaeys grew up in Sayville, N.Y., and graduated from Sayville High School before attending William Smith College. She currently lives in Oneonta, N.Y., with her family.

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