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HWS Professor Discusses Urban Jungles

October 6, 1999 Geneva, NY – He's only been on campus for one month, but already Hobart and William Smith Colleges' assistant professor of history Jeffrey Hyson has been invited to speak at an area college. Hyson will discuss “Urban Jungles: Zoos and American Society” as part of FLCC's Global Awareness Program series at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12, in Canandaigua.

Hyson, who delivered his Ph.D. dissertation on this subject at Cornell University last year, continues to do research in environmental history. He finds it interesting, he says, how zoos combine both education and entertainment; the urban and the wild; and the highbrow and the lowbrow. In 1997 Hyson spoke, at the invitation of the United States Consul General, in St. Petersburg, Russia, on “The Place of Zoos in the Life of Cities.” He will teach a class at the Colleges on American Environmental History during Winter Term.

Hyson, who is joining a history department comprised of scholars in many areas, is also an expert in popular culture issues. He is currently teaching several courses at HWS, including a course titled “Popular Culture in the United States,” which he says covers everything from P.T. Barnum to Puff Daddy.

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