Artist Reception and Radiantly Colored Paintings at Houghton House – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Artist Reception and Radiantly Colored Paintings at Houghton House

Paintings designed in a rainbow of colors are the latest art exhibition on display at Houghton House Gallery on the Hobart and William Smith Colleges campus.

March 14, 2002 GENEVA, N.Y.—An exhibition of 19 paintings by New York City artist Emily Cheng will be on display through April 16 at the Houghton House Gallery. An artist's reception will be held from 7 until 9 p.m. on Friday, March 29, at the gallery. The gallery, open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, is located in Houghton House on King’s Lane in Geneva. The exhibit and reception are free and the public is encouraged to attend.

Cheng's radiantly colored paintings are said to be not as comforting as they seem at first. “The rich color and opulent flow of forms are seducing, but these compositions change as they are viewed. Beautiful colors become strident and aggressive. Spaces confound the viewer, opening like a tunnel only to push the viewer firmly back again. Backgrounds overflow their boundaries dripping cavalierly over elaborately painted flowers or carefully rendered renaissance-like drapery. Cheng's paintings have a lightness and delicacy, but they seem to push the viewer around with a strong hand.”

The paintings range from 13 1/2 inches by 13 inches to 63 inches by 59 inches. The exhibit will also include a portfolio of Cheng's drawings.