Colleges’ Honors Students to be Celebrated by Provost and by Board of Trustees – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Colleges’ Honors Students to be Celebrated by Provost and by Board of Trustees

HWS students who have completed honors projects will dine with the HWS Board of Trustees one weekend and attend the annual Provost Porch Party in their honor.

April 23, 2002 Geneva, N.Y. — Eighteen Hobart and William Smith seniors will present their honors projects over the next weeks, in most cases projects that have consumed their lives for the better part of the academic year. In recognition of their hard work and determination, Provost and Dean of Faculty Patricia Stranahan will host a Porch Party for the honors students, their advisors and their field examiners on May 3. The students will also be the guests of the Board of Trustees at dinner on Friday, April 26, when the Trustees are on campus for their spring meeting. Twenty students will be honored–two completed their projects in the fall semester.

Doing Honors has been a tradition at Hobart and William Smith since the early 1930s, and from that time until the present “doing Honors” illustrates the highest academic rigor at the Colleges. Students spend the academic year working on their projects, and when they are complete they present them to their academic director and to an outside examiner, a leader in whatever field their work is in, from another institution. They take both a written and an oral exam about their work. If their project is satisfactory, they are awarded either honors or high honors. The student's completion of “Honors” is also noted on their diploma.

This year's project topics range from “A Sculptural Exploration of Movement Through Light and Form” to “Rapture, Redemption, and Revolution: The Republicans in the Post 9/11 World,” from “Nitrate Loading in the Seneca Lake Watershed” to “Questions of Faith: Stories of Suffering.” (see below for a complete list of honors students and their projects).

At the Porch Party in their honor, Stranahan will present each student
with their certificate of completion and a bound copy of their honors

“The students do an incredible job on these projects, in many cases to the academic level of a master's thesis, and I am proud to be able to help recognize their accomplishment,” she said.

Hobart And William Smith Colleges

Colleen Allen
The Impact of Israeli Settlements on Palestinian Development and
Arab-Israeli Peace
Prof. Virginia Tilley, Advisor

Heidi Beach
Femme Urbane: A Magazine for Readers
Cheryl Forbes, Advisor
Degree of Honors: Honors (completed in Fall, 2001)

Sandra M. Baldwin
The Effect of Meteorological Events on Chlorophyll-a Concentrations
Prof. John Halfman, Advisor

Amber Beutel
Having Your Fish and Eating Them, Too: An Economic Analysis of Fisheries Management
Prof. JoBeth Mertens, Advisor

Lindsey Paige Bowser
Nitrate Loading in The Seneca Lake Watershed: Is Hog Farming Having An Effect?
Prof. John Halfman, Advisor

John Chamberlain
Creativity: Examination in a Philosophical Context
Prof. Steven Lee, Advisor

Veronique Cheniaux
Journeys in Translation: From Pancake to “Crepe americaine”
Prof. Marie-France Etienne, Advisor

Elizabeth Dedrick
More Than Just Sex Talk: College Women's Negotiation of Mixed Messages
Prof. Betty Bayer, Advisor

Margaret D. Etherington
Influence of Sedimentological factors on the distribution of Diporeia
and Dreissena species in Lake Ontario
Prof. John Halfman, Advisor

C. Reed Harwood
Questions as Faith: Stories of Suffering
Prof. Richard Salter, Advisor

Anna Maria Hattendorf
A Sculptural Exploration of Movement Through Light and Form
Prof. Ted Aub, Advisor

Colleen Logan
Embodiment of Memory: Irish Famine Commemoration and the 1981 Hunger
Prof. John Shovlin, Advisor

Travis Manzione
Rapture, Redemption, and Revolution: The Republicans in the Post-9/11
Prof. Iva Deutchman, Advisor

Daniel Rothberg
The Path of Abandoning: Pontormo's Early Style and Passion Cycle for
the Certosa del Galluzzo
Prof. Elena Ciletti, Advisor

Deborah Stoep
Wisdom: Grace to All
Prof. Mary Gerhart, Advisor

Rachel Sutcliffe
Writing Europe: Literary Modernism and the Politics of Tradition
Prof. Dan O'Connell, Advisor

Kelly VanGorden
“I am (an) Athlete, Hear Me Roar” “A Quantitative Assessment of Athletic Identity and Gender Differences Among Female and Male Collegiate Athletes
Professor Andrew S. Walters, Advisor
Degree of Honors: Honors (completed in Fall, 2001)

Lisa Vinikoor
A Biostatistical Analysis of Adherence to Post-Cardiac Rehabilitation
Prof. David Droney, Advisor

Sarah Walker
A Matter of Faith: A Model of Spirituality for Youth Ministry
Prof. Richard Salter, Advisor

Matthew Zahn
Peoples or Persons?: Contending Theories of International Law
Prof. Steven Lee, Advisor