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Hobart And William Smith Colleges Unveil New High-Speed Learning Network Powered By Enterasys Networks

Advanced Network Wires More than 90 Buildings – Dramatically Enhancing Classroom Technology and Learning Initiatives Across Campus

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.—June 17, 2001—Enterasys Networks, Inc. (NYSE: ETS), a leader in enterprise network solutions, announced that Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS), a private liberal arts institution located in Geneva, New York, has completed a campus-wide network migration to Enterasys’ Gigabit Ethernet solutions. The new network, which includes Enterasys’ Matrix switches and NetSight network management software, creates a secure, reliable, high-capacity learning network to support new educational applications, including distance-learning and field-learning initiatives, and enable students and faculty to incorporate the power of technology into their learning activities.

Prior to the network migration, connectivity and resources were only available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Users could not rely on network services, and could not truly integrate technology within their learning initiatives. In addition to increasing bandwidth, one goal of the Colleges was to efficiently allocate bandwidth and network access to provide every student with around-the-clock, reliable access to applications and resources.

Now, powered by Enterasys’ Matrix E7 intelligent switching platform, the new high-speed “learning network” operates throughout the campus on a 24 x 7 basis, meeting the Colleges’ need for high-availability access to network resources. The new infrastructure enables HWS to deploy advanced educational software applications, collaborate with other colleges using distance-learning programs, and implement a new web-based admission process for college applicants.

“By working with Enterasys to deploy our sophisticated learning network, we’ve moved from MacGyver to Mozart, taking our network from a patchwork design filled with quick-fixes to a symphonic design that sings,” said Brian Young, vice president and chief information officer for Hobart and William Smith Colleges. “We worked closely with Enterasys to architect a communications infrastructure that provided flexibility, freedom of information and open access, while delivering security, reliability and ease of management. We wanted learning and innovation to occur freely throughout the campus without bringing the network down.”

The new network includes a Gigabit Ethernet backbone, with capabilities to easily expand to 10-Gigabit Ethernet, supporting more than 90 buildings across the 180-acre campus, with 10/100 Fast Ethernet switching within each building. In addition, Enterasys’ Smart Trunking enables HWS to aggregate bandwidth to multi-Gigabit performance with the redundancy to ensure network availability, and its NetSight applications provide centralized network management.

The new HWS network also utilizes Enterasys’ User Personalized Network (UPN) framework. Strategically aligning the network with the Colleges’ business and educational goals, UPN applies role-based policy management to understand a user’s role within the Colleges and what resources they are permitted to access. Users with similar roles are grouped into a virtual local area network (VLAN) and use the campus network while remaining within their particular VLAN. HWS has already created a Residential VLAN (Resnet) and an Academic VLAN to more effectively distribute bandwidth and resources.

“By leveraging Enterasys’ full network solution, including User Personalized Networking, network management tools, security solutions and robust switching technology, HWS and Enterasys have created a communications infrastructure that rivals anything available in higher education today,” said Mads Lillelund, executive vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, Enterasys Networks. “We look forward to working with HWS on future endeavors as the Colleges continue to roll out next-generation applications.”

“Enterasys was the only company that truly met all of our requirements. They are a pacesetter in the market with leading technology and an unparalleled commitment to their customers, especially in the higher education market,” said Frank Bartels, director of enterprise systems at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. “Enterasys was the only company that came to us to learn about our specific needs, rather than offering an off-the-shelf solution. We were impressed with the company’s technical expertise, exciting new products and understanding of the education market. No one else was able to offer us that level of technology and service.”

Enterasys Networks is a proven leader in the education market, with more than 475 educational customers across the U.S., including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges and K-12 school systems. For more information on Enterasys' solutions for education, visit www.enterasys.com/solutions/verticals/education.

About Enterasys Networks
Enterasys Networks (NYSE: ETS) is a leading worldwide provider of communications infrastructures for enterprise-class customers. Enterasys’ networking hardware and software offerings deliver the innovative security, availability and mobility solutions required by Global 2000 organizations coupled with the industry’s strongest service and support. For more information, visit www.enterasys.com.

About Hobart, William and Smith Colleges
Hobart and William Smith Colleges are coordinate, private, liberal arts institutions, located in Geneva, N.Y. in the heart of the Finger Lakes region. The Colleges, which have a combined enrollment of 1,800, offer a remarkably broad array of majors and minors, with a cross-disciplinary flavor intended to better inform both professional and intellectual pursuits. The Colleges are noted also for an ambitious emphasis on international study, and for their programs in community service. Hobart College for men and William Smith College for women share faculty, facilities, and curriculum, but maintain separate dean's offices, athletics programs, student governments, and traditions.
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