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Looking Forward, Looking Black in Museum News

Museum News (Sept./Oct. 2002) ran an article titled “Toeing the Color Line” that focused on the efforts of museum curators to diversify collections and exhibits. The author, Joyce Henri Robinson, curator of the Palmer Museum of Art at Pennsylvania State University, focused on three exhibits, one of which was “Looking Forward/Looking Black.” The exhibition “Looking Forward/Looking Black” was on view at the Baltimore Museum of Art from Feb. 6 to May 5, 2002. Works in the exhibit explore issues of racial stereotypes and ideas about what it means to be black. Jo Anna Isaak, professor of art, was the curator of the exhibit, which traveled nationally for three years before its display in Baltimore. Isaak is a professor of art who received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and, before joining the HWS faculty in 1984, taught at a number of institutions, including Bryn Mawr and Washington College. She is the author of The Revolutionary Power of Women's Laughter. Articles of hers have been published in the anthologies Art and Feminism and Feminism-Art-Theory: An Anthology 1968-2000.