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Off-Campus Program Allows for Hollywood Experience

Westbury native interns with a major casting company while studying in Los Angeles.

June 26, 2002 Geneva, N.Y.—Tiffany Fields, a William Smith senior from Westbury, N.Y. spent Spring Semester studying off campus in Los Angeles, Calif., with Professors Craig Rimmerman and Elisabeth Lyon of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. In addition to academic work, Fields pursued an internship with the Bestrop/McCarthy casting studios.

At the internship, Fields worked directly on a number of films, including the much-awaited third movie in the Austin Powers trilogy, “Austin Powers in Goldmember.” She also worked on the film “Cat in the Hat,” a new TV pilot titled “Keen Eddie,” the “Tom Green Skate Board Show,” and a TNT movie, “Monte Walsh.”

During a typical “day at the office,” her duties included getting the camera ready for shooting, and later running the camera during the shoot. She also answered phones, conversed with agents, and assisted with various audition sessions.

While studying in Los Angeles she was interviewed by the “Los Angeles Times” and shared her thoughts on the “entertainment city.”

“Everywhere I went, every restaurant or coffee shop, they’re talking about the struggles to get into the industry, to move up in the industry, to make it big in the industry. Can I meet anyone, please, who’s all about art? Or literature?” she said.

Fields is a media and society major who intends to pursue a career as a casting director. On campus, she has been a member of the William Smith Herons basketball team. She also previously interned with MTV in New York City. She is the daughter of Dennis and Juanita Fields, of Westbury.

The purpose of the Los Angeles off-campus program is to introduce students to the distinctive culture of Los Angeles and Southern California. Students explore the twin phenomena of the world’s most foremost movie industry and the recent meteoric rise of Southern California as an art and photographic center. Students also travel to Death Valley and Yosemite, among many other field trips.

Fields intends to return. “I love New York. But Guess what? I also love L.A. And because L.A. is where I want to be, I will definitely be back.”

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