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They’ve Arrived Computer-Ready

Hobart and William Smith’s incoming first-year students arrived Friday, Aug. 30, ready to plug in and get started.

August 30, 2002 GENEVA, N.Y. —The Classes of 2006 arrived at Hobart and William Smith Colleges this morning, equipped with nomadic computing capabilities. The Colleges’ Division of Information Technology reports that of the nearly 99 percent of incoming students who come to campus with computers, most are packing laptops.

Four lucky students—two from each college—were awarded laptop computers for winning the “Laptop of Luxury” essay contest, sponsored by the Colleges’ and Microtech Information Systems, Inc. They are Philip F. Place Jr. of Berne, N.Y.; Ayokunle Abogan of Ibadan, Nigeria; Suzie Opalka of Hollis, N.H.; and Jodi L. Connell of Yarmouth, Maine. Each submitted a 500-word essay on how technology would help them in their college career. All four winning essays described how a computer would not only help the students with their studies, but would be a vital component in their daily lives on campus as well.

“Trying to describe how computers and technology will help me in my college career would be easier to just say that it will be a tool to increase my effectiveness as a student [and] as a person, whether it be for my amusement after a long day of studies or to gather all information needed to prepare and excel in my classes,” wrote Place.

Brian Young, vice president and chief information officer at the Colleges, said that recent upgrades over the past year have allowed the campus to better accommodate laptop users. The campus has more than 4,500 computer ports, giving the campus “a port to pillow ratio of 2:1, which is impressive,” said Young.

“We knew and expected that the incoming students would be more mobile and nomadic with their computing environment,” he added.

The network upgrade is part of HWS 2005, the Colleges’ comprehensive strategic planning initiative.

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