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Let’s Discuss Alcohol Abuse

An interactive Web site launched this fall through the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Programs allows the HWS community to learn and share about alcohol use and abuse. Director David Diana urges student, faculty and staff to log onto MyStudentbody.com from the comfort of their computers. The Web site is a personalized, alcohol abuse prevention and awareness site developed primarily for college students. It is funded with support from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

The MyStudentbody.com alcohol site explores students’ beliefs about alcohol, the negative consequences of high-risk drinking and how it impacts students’ lifestyle. The site allows for online interaction with other students, while providing access to alcohol experts, the latest alcohol research findings, and the most recent drinking-related news from campuses throughout the United States.

The school code necessary to log is HWS for students, and HWSADMIN for faculty and staff.

Inflexxion, Inc., a Massachusetts-based company that develops clinically tested, multimedia-based products in the areas of health education and prevention (www.inflexxion.com) created the site and will be maintaining it. In addition to keeping the site up to date, Inflexxion will also be collecting aggregate, confidential data about our students’ alcohol beliefs and behaviors. This anonymous data will be collected as students fill out a few basic questions upon registration and answer more questions when they personalize the site to fit their needs and lifestyle in the Rate Myself section.

“Please encourage students to go to MyStudentbody.com,” Diana says. Students who complete all four areas of the Rate Myself section can receive a printed certificate, which may be useful for faculty who decide to incorporate this into their course, Diana adds.

For more information, contact David Diana, director of Alcohol and Other Drug Programs, at ext. 3478 or at diana@hws.edu.