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Land Rights in Guatemala Discussed, in Spanish

Guatemalan lands rights activist Aparicio Pérez Guzmán will speak on “The Impunity of Global Actors” at 7 p.m. on tonight, Oct. 9, in the Sanford Room, as part of the Human Rights and Genocide lecture series. Guzmán will speak about issues related to the impoverishment of the landless in Guatemala; privatization and land policies imposed by the government, foreign governments and international development institutions; and the impunity of land-owners, national and foreign, who use repression directly against communities of landless people. Guzmán will be speak in Spanish and Marie Manrique of Rights Action will translate his comments. Guzmán is currently working with the landless workers of Guatemalan eastern department of Izabal. In Izabal, there are currently at least 16 land conflicts between landless workers who are reclaiming lands after labor disputes with transnational companies (including Del Monte subsidiaries) and national farms that, according to the 1996 Peace Accords, are to be distributed to the landless farmers. In 2001-2002, six land-rights activists have been killed in Izabal.