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Dunn: On the Record

Kevin Dunn, assistant professor of political science, will appear on the Fox News show “On The Record” to discuss the issues raised in his op-ed from the Dec. 19 USA Today with host Greta Van Susteren at 10 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 23.

Dunn's op-ed was titled “Interviews are bad policy”. He wrote “United Nations Resolution 1441 gives inspectors the extraordinary right to remove and conduct interviews with any Iraqi individual, including officials and scientists, outside of Iraq. The Bush administration is now pressing for interviews with Iraqi scientists in hopes that any resistance will provide the justification for armed attack. Such a policy makes sense only within the Bush administration's blind rush to war.” He concludes, “By pursuing this policy, the U.S. flaunts its superpower status, brushing aside questions of sovereignty and human rights to remake the world in its own image. Such actions expose the U.S. not as the 'global cop' it considers itself to be, but as the unchecked global bully much of the rest of the world sees.”