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Patch Adams Draws Crowd

Dr. Patch Adams drew an overflow crowd at the Smith Opera House Monday, Feb. 3. The event initiated by the HWS Make-A-Wish club was attended by HWS students, faculty and staff as well as, students from area colleges and community members. Dr. Adams opened the forum by talking about himself, his stay in a mental institution, and his quest to become a doctor. He recalled one day just waking up and deciding to be happy every day and to dedicate his life to making a difference. Later in the forum he showed a portion of a film that detailed his visit to a hospital in Afghanistan. He concluded the forum by answering dozens of questions from the audience.

Earlier in the day, Dr. Adams met with nearly 40 HWS student leaders for a casual Q&A session in Napier 101. He took questions, and encouraged the students to “be nosy,” noting that he had an opinion on everything. Dr. Adams did preface his time with them by noting that he was first and foremost a political activist. He said that he entered the medical field as a political activist, figuring that like other things, “if he didn't like the way things were he would work to change them.”

Dr. Adams noted that the most important thing in the world is love and that, scour the world as he might, he has not found one school or university that teaches love. He was asked how one teaches loving, and he said that we have to trigger that sense of belonging to humanity…and that he often places patients or others who don't understand in places where they see much human suffering.

He encouraged students to talk about loving, to have conversations with friends about loving, suggesting that to be a viable way for everyone to learn about loving.

Dr. Adams was also pictured in the Feb. 4 Geneva Finger Lakes Times.