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Tilley’s Op-ed on Iran Published

Virginia Tilley, assistant professor of political science, had an op-ed titled “Stop U.S. from heading down the worn warpath toward Iran” published in the June 23 Democrat and Chronicle.

In the editorial Tilley wrote, “Yes, many Iranians are sick of the clerical theocracy and want it gone. But open U.S. intervention is just as likely to discredit the demonstrators as tools of U.S. foreign policy, legitimize state repression, and even regalvanize mass anti-U.S. sentiment. Invasion might even light a match that would send Iranian ranks into suicide charges against U.S. firepower, horrifying observers throughout the world. In the meantime, our own roads crumble and our schools wither while the nation’s wealth sails off overseas on ill-conceived adventures. No, Mr. Bush, the American people don’t want, or need, another war.”

Tilley teaches a class in Middle East politics. She specializes in the politics of economic development and ethnic conflict, especially in developing countries. She spent a year in residence doing research on indigenous politics in El Salvador and Guatemala, and nearly two years doing research in Israel and the West Bank. She has also traveled to Vietnam, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and various places in Europe. Tilley earned her B.A. at Antioch College, her M.A. at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She joined the faculty at Hobart and William Smith in 1997, where in addition to her teaching duties she is the coordinator of the Developmental Studies program and the International Relations Program.