Norquist Rattles Crowd – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Norquist Rattles Crowd

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and member of the Center Right Coalition Party, described “The Next 25 Years in American Politics” to a crowd in Albright Auditorium Thursday night.

Norquist, one of the most connected members of the new Right-Wing movement, started out by outlining the Republican ideology of less government, lower taxes and the free market economy. He went on to detail Republican plans to reduce the size of government by 50 percent in the next two decades. Grover Norquist

Norquist believes the Republican Party will gain favor and support from the new, younger population of voters, as well as from individuals who hold stock. He also noted the numerous groups and organizations that favor limited government control such as the NRA and ACLU. He also referred to numerous federal programs that could be privatized to reduce the government budget and spending. He supported a proposition to put a six-year term limit on appropriation committee members.

The crowd responded to his comments with lively questions regarding his stance. He entertained questions on abortion, his experiences in the Middle East, as well as corporate scandals. Norquist also discussed Republican efforts to enact legislation to limit government growth to a pace no greater than the economy.

Norquist concluded by pointing out the many areas where the Left and Right agree such as on issues of immigration friendly legislation.

While on campus Thursday, Norquist also visited classes. He was a guest in Professor Craig Rimmerman’s Introduction to American Politics Class, and Rimmerman's Democratic Theory Class. Norquist also met with members of the Colleges Republicans and Colleges Democrats clubs.

The President's Forum Series, established in the winter of 2000 by President Mark D. Gearan, is designed to bring a variety of speakers to campus to share their knowledge and ideas with students, faculty and staff of the Colleges, as well as interested community members.