Student Network Update – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
The HWS Update

Student Network Update

Because of the Gobot virus which has infiltrated the campus, some residences still do not have connection to the Internet. The following procedure will allow each residence/dorm to be activated (for Odell's and fraternity procedures, click here):

1. See the RA for your residence/dorm to pick up a virus removal, update and installation CD along with an instruction sheet. This virus does not affect Macintosh (Apple) computers or PCs running Windows 95, 98 or ME (millennium). Students whose computers are running those systems should skip numbers 1 and 2 on the instruction sheet distributed with the update CD and begin with number 3. Only Windows 2000 and XP are affected. Students must run the Windows updates from Microsoft's Web site once their residence is back online. Select “Scan for updates” and install.

2. Report back to your RA when this process has been completed.

3. Once each residence/dorm is certified virus free, ResNet (the Internet including the M: drive) will be activated for that location.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this critical time.

Note: All Library Labs, MM, BI, 2009 and 3009 during the Library extended hours of operation. Gulick 208 is also open until 2 a.m. until the end of finals. Additional computers have been added to the All Night Study area in the Library.