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Lucas and Rimmerman Quoted on Hussein Capture

The Finger Lakes Times surveyed area residents on their feelings about the U.S. capture of Saddam Hussein, in a story titled “Saddam's capture pleases FL people.” Among those quoted were DeWayne Lucas, assistant professor of political science, and Craig Rimmerman, professor of political science.

“I think it was good for President Bush's foreign policy,” said Lucas, noting that it eliminates a major argument of the Democratic presidential contenders who underscored the fact that troops had been unable to capture the dictator.

Rimmerman said he thinks the coalition focused too much on capturing Hussein. The war went well, but the post-war reconstruction has gone poorly. If his capture stops the killings of soldiers and civilians, then it's a good thing, Rimmerman said, but, if it doesn't, then there are serious problems. “I would like to see the bloodshed stop.”